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About Me

I’ve spent most of my life playing with the written word in various ways. Always a book worm, I was the kid that liked to spend my lunch break in the library devouring one story after another. Nowadays, I’m inspired by the power of story to influence, motivate and persuade – think of leaders like Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama and Richard Branson, who use stories to create powerful impact and ignite global change.

I travelled a long and winding path to find my passion. After graduating in English and Psychology, I worked in media relations for almost a decade, spinning stories for big brands including Samsung, HP and DHL. Then, intrigued by the world of TV and print advertising, I moved on to advertising giant, Grey London. The digital world soon beckoned, and I joined the world’s number one digital marketing agency, AKQA, to work with clients including Nike and X-Box.

At 30, I came to Australia, where I helped Brisbane City Council persuade communities to get involved with planning the future of their neighbourhoods. I flexed my publishing muscles (and had a lot of fun) as the beauty editor of Peppermint Magazine, Australia’s first eco-style publication. Then, I spent seven years at Commonwealth Bank, communicating to the bank’s 50,000 staff and millions of customers about community and sustainability initiatives.

Which brings me to today. With my corporate days behind me, I’m free to spend my time helping businesses and teams to tell their stories well. I’m optimistic about the potential of business to change the world for the better – and I know it can’t be done without the ability to influence, persuade and motivate.

That’s why I love writing powerful copy and sharing storytelling secrets, to help purpose-led organisations to ignite change.

I help businesses harness the power of storytelling to ignite change.